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Sorry, everyone has been waiting hard Just as soon as it went online, a ringing sound came from my ear.

But there is one thing that makes me a little puzzled.I have stepped into the immortal realm, but I have not triggered the reward of the full achievement system.

Therefore, I can only comfort myself again and again in my heart. It does not matter. are carbs considered sugar The more I invest now, the more I can get back in the what can i eat to bring my sugar down future.Although I do not even know what the original Feijian means to Jianxiu, I think once Successful warming up is enough to kill the Quartet, right This is the result I am looking for.

When I swung the hammer again, I no longer felt so boring.At first, I thought Best Herbs Lower Blood Sugar what can i eat to bring my sugar down it was just to sharpen my willpower and tenacity, but now it seems that it is not the same thing at all.

In the blood colored sword light, Knight Mo Lin did not say a word, but just waved his Is 95 Normal Blood Sugar.

#1 Is Blood Balance For Type 1 Diabetes

How To Cure Type 2 Diabetes blade to launch a fierce attack.

The next moment, many of the red lines on the big map disappeared, and then a series of parabolic graphs appeared, and the most frequently pointed to was a city in the east, Hefei, Anhui.

Yue Liuying smiled and said There is no need to compare it with Xiaoqi, his attack attribute is too perverted, and the Blade of Dawn defaults to double the attack on the Alien Demon Legion, how can we compare I think you are heavy equipment players.

Injury began is beetroot powder good for diabetics to catch up. Moreover, he is only a Best Herbs Lower Blood Sugar what can i eat to bring my sugar down seventh order puppet.If there is a chance to rise to the eighth order what can i eat to bring my sugar down in the future, or the legendary ninth order peak, by then, I am afraid that the eighth order Orange Night will be able to single out human races such as Zhenyang Gong, The Eternal Life Realm like Duke Yu Fu, and if it can reach the ninth rank, I even what can i eat to bring my sugar down doubt that Orange what can i eat to bring my sugar down what can i eat to bring my sugar down Diabetes Med Chart what can i eat to bring my sugar down Night will be able to wrestle with the weaker Demon King.

At this time, the Yanmen Pass was still a wreckage and a mess, and there were traces left by the self destruction of the flame stabbing demon.

Come on, let is go At this moment, what can i eat to bring my sugar down at the window of the conference hall, what can i eat to bring my sugar down a middle aged KDA executive pointed his hand at the bottom and roared Tie Hanyi, Zhang Xiying, Zhou Tong, catch me alive, at any cost, catch one alive.

Use the phantom beasts to brush out these spirit stones one by one, or normal sugar level blood use other means, such as formations, talismans, etc.

Not long after, three guards came over, one held hot broth in his hands and covered it with a food box, one respectfully held a hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia signs and symptoms few hot flatbreads in his hands, and another held a silver pie in both hands.

I can only understand a little bit, the maintenance between matter and spirit, my cognition comes from hundreds medicare diabetes self management training of billions of neurons What Allergy Medicine Can A Diabetic Take.

#2 What Does A High Fasting Blood Sugar Mean

Medicines For Diabetes Type 2 in the human body, but according to the senior is statement , as if our theories on Earth were overturned.

After a sword was swept, more than a dozen executors were directly turned into scum.The fine sword intent spread in the laboratory, countless utensils were shredded, and the sound of shattering was constantly heard, and many researchers who had what can i eat to bring my sugar down no time to escape also fell down and were strangled by the sword energy.

A small half day in the game is roughly equivalent to less than an hour in reality.So, at about one o clock in the morning, the bird feather flying boat began to descend, penetrated the clouds and appeared in the sky above a forest, and in the what vitamins can help lower blood sugar distance, the mountains how many people in the world have type 2 diabetes Diabetes Herbs Cure stood like ancient gods.

I looked up at the sky and said in the guild channel Everyone pay attention, a wave of air units is approaching fast, and it will launch an attack on us from the air immediately, so we immediately how to reverse diabetic neuropathy move what can i eat to bring my sugar down our position forward a hundred yards.

When we arrived at Chaoge City, we found that it was deserted. Lin Xixiu frowned. I saw it too.I hurriedly rode my horse over, but I saw a territory about the size of a football field.

Following the Immortal Master this trip, Xiao Jingyu already understands many of the Immortal Master is principles That is good, let is go to the Mountain Temple first, and then I will return to Qisha City.

It was crushed, but the dense sword qi still what can i eat to bring my sugar down fell in a mess, smashing the dragon array formation around the Chilong for thousands of meters.

If Feng Canghai what can i eat to bring my sugar down has Type 2 Diabetes New Drugs what can i eat to bring my sugar down a right hand man, then Shan type 2 diabetes high blood sugar Bulao and Lin Songyan are not worthy, only Mars River has the right and left arm.

Very competent Ozan Real Estate what can i eat to bring my sugar down Open the personal panel, which clearly shows the total number of Dragon Domain merits I currently have 4,716,000.

There is a sound of ding ding ding in my ears, each sound represents the entry Diabetic Blood Sugar High What To Do.

#3 Why Do Diabetics Get Low Blood Sugar When Skipping Meals

The Cure For Type 2 Diabetes of 8W gold coins, and I bought 480W gold coins what can i eat to bring my sugar down Diabetes Med Chart in one go, and there is even a surplus, which is reserved for unexpected needs.

The hammer in Shi Chen is hand slowly stopped, and he snorted coldly Lead your disciples and grandchildren immediately get out benefits of regulating blood sugar If you dare to test the bottom line of my human race, do not blame me for being ruthless Yes, thank you Shi Sheng for your mercy The old man bowed deeply, aliments bon pour le diabete type 2 then turned into a huge fire dragon and plunged into the sea of fire.

Not close enough As the horses galloped, Sylvia is gnat like voice came from her ears.

Thousands of lives, one hundred lives of my Fire Army should be counted on your head, if you do not what can i eat to bring my sugar down die, would not these imperial sergeants die unjustly Xuanyuan Ying nodded and waved his hand again Push it down, there is no objection.

What is the matter I hurriedly stretched out my hand and pointed to the north, and shouted in a low voice The flame thorn demon army is here, these thorn demons will self detonate.

Not long after, snowflakes fell in the air, and it also snowed at Yanmenguan, and it was How Long After Eating Or Blood Sugar To Go Down.

Will Cinnomin Lower Blood Sugar:

  1. does cactus reduce blood sugar.There was still no optimism. The top ten masters were almost led by the nose by Shang Qingyun. The shadow, tossing and turning in the battle.Wherever you go, look out for the wind With a bang, Shang Qingyun punched Sun Baijiang is blade with a ruthless punch.
  2. list teas that lower blood sugar levels.Owner Ming medication for double diabetes Snake lowered her head and spit out blood, her long hair stood on end, her feet turned into snake tails, and the black mist surrounded her body.
  3. does pain raise blood sugar.If the power of thought could be glimpsed, the entire sky of Beiye could be seen, enveloping a boundless sea of power of thought, and the wound on the star god is heavily wounded body had already healed for the most part.

Are Grits Ok For Type 2 Diabetes snowing heavily.

I nodded Fu Yu Gong, how long have you been following His Majesty He thought for a while It is 7 frutas prohibidas para diabeticos what can i eat to bring my sugar down been thirty years at least.

Fire in July, come down if you have a seed Shan what can i eat to bring my sugar down Bulao was carrying the war bow, his eyes were cold.

After the crystal, think about how much you can add to me.Listen to your respect The shopkeeper handed over is yogurt good for diabetic his hands and what can i eat to bring my sugar down said, Since it is such a big deal, consider 94 gold mullet coins what can i eat to bring my sugar down as 100.

The engineering team and other identities approached the major bases and immediately launched a very violent attack.

At this moment, Mars River was really flustered, and the calmness in his eyes was swept away.

He shouted Boy, are you really looking for death Seven or eight How Do I Reduce High Blood Sugar Fast.

#4 What Type Of Disorder Is Type 1 Diabetes

Dr Oz Type 2 Diabetes Cure huge six pointed star formations burst out in the air, and I also entered a state of shadow transformation, but I still felt that I might be stunned.

After all, Sylvia is strength is weaker than that of the pioneers, and what can i eat to bring my sugar down Diabetes Med Chart it what can i eat to bring my sugar down is not that easy.

Customs.With the retreat of the myth, the old T1 guilds such as Prague and Fengmang also retreated one by one.

It just disappeared out of thin air, looking at a group of ghosts what can i eat to bring my sugar down stunned, calling out Immortal Master.

In fact, this BOSS was rushed down by the tactic of everyone in Yilu who sacrificed their lives, so everything Best Supplements To Lower Blood Sugar how many people in the world have type 2 diabetes The new diabetes medication that starts with pata spoils of war should belong to the guild, not whoever is stronger and what can i eat to bring my sugar down who contributes the most.

You are really right.Sylvia turned around, put the long trident on the tray, then pulled out her sword, and cut the flesh of this creature off the trident little by little, and immediately It was fragrant, and just below the pieces of what can i eat to bring my sugar down delicious meat, there was a white bone that resembled a snake but was not a snake, exuding heat and aroma.

Whatever you want, let is do it together, and make what can i eat to bring my sugar down a quick decision The next moment, the ape man Jianxiu suddenly raised his hand, and the big sword on the ground turned into a brilliance and flew into what can i eat to bring my sugar down his hand, turning into a broad sword about two meters long, and leaping, the blade was wrapped in a strong sword.

I was taken aback It is so expensive The old dean was a little embarrassed Yes, pure spirit stones have always been expensive.

so abruptly ripped this powerful king from the air, surrounded by countless silver rules, and instantly turned into a cyan mountain, pressing down on the back of pioneer Varun.

I will definitely not treat the two of you badly.Going upstairs, an old man what can i eat to bring my sugar down who looked like a scholar stood up and greeted me without saying too much nonsense.

The giant dragon is impact was launched instantly, Is Tapioca Good For Diabetics.

#5 How Does Insulin Help Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels

New Meds For Diabetes Type 2 directly breaking the final shield effect of his tiger realm.

Master Yan was not careful and deliberately protected the positions of Lingyan Pavilion and Wushuangcheng between Wuji and Yilu.

Taking a deep breath, stepping on the rocks under my feet, can type 2 diabetes be cured completely I jumped up and stood in the air.

This happens when a deer gets a piece of the pie.In the chat channel of the five major guilds, Master Yan seemed to be unable to support him if he did not attack How is the cut at sugar normal level the city gate I am going, the pressure is too great, the ghost knows that the NPC defending the city is actually so strong, it is hard to fight Only 62 durability left.

I smiled lightly in the heart lake It is shameless, the rules of what can i eat to bring my sugar down these ghosts are really that big what can i eat to bring my sugar down fish eat small fish, and small fish eat shrimp White Bird chuckled It what can i eat to bring my sugar down is normal, this ancient battlefield has actually been Ozan Real Estate what can i eat to bring my sugar down Type 2 Diabetes New Drugs what can i eat to bring my sugar down abandoned for many years, and there are no saints in charge, rules what can i eat to bring my sugar down are no longer rules, one by one diabetic meds metformin for a little chance, for a bit of spiritual energy, even a dog can not live as well.

On how many people in the world have type 2 diabetes Diabetes Herbs Cure the contrary, in the minds of most players in Fenglin Volcano, Feng Canghai is the most powerful swordsman in the national costume, and the perfect number one.

I left the battlefield in front of the main hall, and just as I was leaving, Feng Canghai also rushed out with his sword, bringing with him the elites such as Mars River and Shan Bulao, and shouted A small number of people will guard the is drinking diet soda bad for diabetics main hall, and all the elites will go out for me.

The ultimate weapon has appeared Looking at the group of wind knights in front of me, I could not help cheering inwardly.

The intention is clear, and it goes straight type 2 diabetes high white blood cell count to the theme. What a good alliance name.I grinned Go, target Symptoms Of Diabetes While everyone was How To Get Blood Sugar Down Without Insulin.

#6 Do Diabetics Reach A Plateau Where Blood Sugar Will Not Go Down

Drugs Type 2 Diabetes walking slowly, I could not wait any longer.

The King of Eternal Life is even cooler than I imagined The body flashed, and it stayed in the sky above a dilapidated road.

T3 level players are the core of the front line of the battlefield.They are basically invincible, supporting the entire defense line, what can i eat to bring my sugar down and they can be Supplements For Lower Blood Sugar.

How Long To Reduce Blood Sugar With Diet ?

Medicine Diabetes Type 2 regarded as the real main force.

two books I hurriedly opened the package, and one of the golden books was the Level 160 Rank 5 skill book for the Assassin profession Spiral thrust is level skill book Spiral forward 1 10 yards, causing 300 attack damage to the target along the way, learning requires occupation assassin, required level 160, required condition five turns.

The projectile barrage erupted at the same time, making everyone in the front row of Yilu feel as if they were in a sea of fire, and diabetes vit c control the taste was not unbearable.

The flowers are so fragrant, how can I guess it, and Lin Xi is looking at me with a smile what can i eat to bring my sugar down from not far away.

I type 1 diabetes mellitus nodded, thinking to myself, do I have to stand on duty in the courtroom It stands to reason, what is my commander of the Fire Legion equivalent to I can not Ozan Real Estate what can i eat to bring my sugar down tell you clearly, a military post under the command of the Imperial Forest Army, and the one what can i eat to bring my sugar down who works in the courtroom should be similar to what can i eat to bring my sugar down the level of Shuntian Prefecture, the executive officer of the Imperial Capital is Book City, I, the commander of the Fire Army, do not have to go to the station.

Xiao Jingyu immediately drooped his face, his whole body was like a deflated ball. With Xiao Jingyu, he type 2 diabetes can you get rid of it checked Lao Dao is corpse, and it was indeed dead. The sword of Bai Bird driving Bai Xing directly stabbed his soul into dispersal. The real one died, and his skeleton basically disappeared.It is worthless, the real cave has been smashed, but there are indeed many treasures in the Does High Blood Sugar Lower Immune System.

#7 Does Medicare Cover Blood Sugar Monitor And Test Strips

Type 2 Blood Sugar Medications old way is storage bag.

how do you feel I glanced at the Lihuo Fan and confirmed that what Xiao Jingyu said was true.

It landed next to Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan with a slap sound.At this time, Shen Mingxuan , Gu Ruyi was bombarding the city indiscriminately, while Lin Xi held up the Tianjian umbrella to shield them from the arrows.

Lin Cheng glanced at me lazily and said, The depth of your blessings far exceeds that of your senior brother Li Xiaoyao, that kid Li Xiaoyao, since He followed me in cultivation since he was a child.

While showering with the crackling arrows in front, about 30 of the Mo Lin knights were retained, but more Mo Lin knights broke through, and I, who was in the front row, also slowly moved.

I drank a glass of wine again and said with a smile But one thing, if Senior Sister really goes all out to strike a sword, my White Dragon Wall will definitely not be able to resist.

The disputes between you, I do not think you need a golden body anymore.Shi Shen How do you recognize it Shi Chen jumped up suddenly, the hammer in his hand turned into a golden meteor and fell from the sky, easily smashing the golden body of Xiang Ying is neck, and after grabbing the hammer that flew back, Shi what can i eat to bring my sugar down Chen smiled I do not recognize it.

Senior Sister Yun said very seriously. A draw What exactly I asked.On the side, Sylvia smiled lazily and said, The two of them have made a total of nineteen moves.

The bird slowly opened its beautiful eyes, looking at the silver sword embryo that was happily devouring spiritual energy, and could not help smiling Eat slowly, do not hold back.

In less than a minute, he took back a tray with Dong Yun is head in it, and it had already been chopped off.

I am still standing at the front of the crowd, trying bitter gourd juice good for diabetes to absorb the most damage as much Do Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Help Lower Blood Sugar.

#8 How Long Does It Take To Lower Blood Sugar With Diet And Excercise

Diabetes Type 2 Meds Help as possible.

The road that Senior Sister Yun takes is the road indicated by Shi Bailong. It is absolutely impossible to intervene too much in the civil war of the human race. This will attach too much cause and effect, and it will not be good for her or me.So, who else can help Xiang Ying, as the god of Mount Li, sits in one side of the world.

Xuanyuan Ying looked at the battle below with a complicated Type 2 Diabetes New Drugs what can i eat to bring my sugar down look in his eyes Feng Xiang, maybe we are all old.

Being severely injured and even killed in battle, the golden sword qi that fell densely in the air seemed to be threatening their lives, and these Mo Lin knights were indeed too fierce Under the staggered cutting of the double what can i eat to bring my sugar down daggers, the head of a Mo Lin knight suddenly flew into the air, and what can i eat to bring my sugar down the last blow actually completed the killing effect.

After eating Bei Chen Guan is three palms in a row, all my Yang Yan Armor was shot away.

Thank you, senior. I nodded with a smile, but my what can i eat to bring my sugar down heart was full of slander. These five items were all orange equipment anyway, and they were of sugar high high level. They could easily sell for thousands of dollars if they were set up in Fanshu City. After accepting the equipment, Mr.Zhou bowed lightly and said with a smile Little friend, please go to the counter with the waiter to pay the money.

Angle, he had used the Blink skill before to cooperate with the raid, and it must not have finished cooling now.

After everything was arranged, nursing management of hyperglycemia Lin Xi also brought Yilu is people into the Dragon Domain.

I grabbed the reins, went straight to Ah Fei is position, and shouted in a low voice, Quick, flash over here coming A Fei hurriedly A1c Type 2 Diabetic No Meds flickered in a space and moved 40 yards in an instant, but how Best Herbs Lower Blood Sugar what can i eat to bring my sugar down fast was the pioneer Valen behind him, stepping on his toes, his body broke through the wind, When Is Blood Sugar At Its Highest.

#9 How Many Type 1 Diabetics Are There In The Us

Common Type 2 Diabetes Drugs and the pioneer war halberd slashed towards A what can i eat to bring my sugar down Fei is back with a sharp edge.

The entire city moved backwards at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even some of what can i eat to bring my sugar down the city walls had cracked.

In addition, there are is random blood sugar 130 normal two avatars, what can i eat to bring my sugar down which are the real ones. The value is invaluable. Each avatar can what can i eat to bring my sugar down A Cure For Diabetes be sold for 100 spirit stars. The talisman alone can earn me 320 spirit stars. The investment in Nan Fei can be regarded as a sum of money. In addition, there is what can i eat to bring my sugar down a golden rope.Xiao Jingyu glanced at it and said, The ghost rope is one of the most notorious treasures of the old dog is head.

we are saved this time And when the dragon knight launched the attack, in the high sky, a figure was looming, her skirt fluttered, and she held a snow white long sword, just like this fairy who was banished to the world, just so quiet guard the battlefield.

The Flame God Legion is looking for trouble I asked.Zhang Lingyue said Starting this morning, Dong Yun, the deputy commander of the Flame God Legion, led a full 50,000 Flame God Legion to block in front of the camp gate of our Imperial Forest Army, not letting us go out to patrol the excess sugar in the blood king is city.

It should be closer to Shiratori, right I walked up the city wall alone, and sat on a pheasant at the highest point, with my hands languidly behind my head, listening to the cold wind from the north, and feeling the tranquility of this moment in the game.

This time, Ozan Real Estate what can i eat to bring my sugar down many people caught up.After learning the giant dragon collision, they cheered and jumped out of the intersection to face the distance.

The attack of the flying sword in the Chaos Sword Box was all endured by Chilong Huanpei.

The upgrade speed in the process has almost reached the experience value of increasing the current level by 1 every 1 2 seconds.

These words were reasonable and well What To Eat To Lower Cholesterol And Diabetes.

#10 What Kind Of Cinnamon Lowers Your Blood Sugar

Type 2 Diabetes New Drugs founded, and soon the voices of criticism in the guild disappeared.

Trample this little bastard to death Come on, Dark Demon Dragon, kill Qiyue Liuhuo and his comrades Qing Deng galloped on his horse while looking back at the dragons in the air, and said, I am so special, is it Lu Li is comrade rat in 141 blood sugar the mouth of the Dark Dragon God What do you think Lin Xi glanced at him.

Master Lin Cheng took the initiative and started to make tea, while I sat opposite Mr.

Even among the first class corps, it is the Ozan Real Estate what can i eat to bring my sugar down leader, and its combat effectiveness against the Alien Demon Legion is enough to disdain the rest of the corps.

personal.Once Fenglin Volcano is serious, the lethality is so terrifying Lin Xi immediately responded, Bailu rushed into the opponent are black plums good for diabetics is crowd in an instant, and the whirlwind blade storm broke out in an instant, sweeping a group of players, and then the what can i eat to bring my sugar down Diabetes Med Chart stunt of Archangel is Sword was activated, and an Archangel storm appeared above the heads of Fenglin Volcano.

is divided into three layers, the first layer is the outermost killing formation, the second layer and the first layer overlap, and they are divided into two types one light and one dark.

Shiratori asked with a smile, What specific gains Not too specific, and I do not know if it is right or not.

I shook my head directly NPC troops do not intervene in the war between players, I can not know the rules but break them.

Zhong Nai, they absolutely can not move you.I did not hesitate, and another shadow jumped to the back of a rock, looked at the white bird in the air, smashed a scroll of returning to the city, and shouted White bird, you must come back alive and call how many people in the world have type 2 diabetes Diabetes Herbs Cure me Yes, let is go.

At this moment, a long awaited bell finally statins to lower cholesterol a1c echoed in the sky what can i eat to bring my sugar down at six o clock in the morning, and this time consuming and protracted What To Do If A Type 1 Diabetes Has 280 Blood Sugar.

#11 How Long Does Untreated Diabetes Take To Kill You

Diabetes Type 2 Cure Research battle of the Dragon Domain finally came to an end System Announcement Congratulations to all the brave people, with the joint efforts of everyone, we finally repelled the powerful army of alien demons, the borders of the Dragon Domain were preserved, and the Dragon Domain Battle 2.

look at me. Son. There was a resentful voice from the blood red sedan chair. When the what can i eat to bring my sugar down voice was soft and greasy, it made people feel heartbroken. I raised my eyebrows Miss, I am afraid you have recognized the wrong person. I am not can wheat increase blood sugar the one you are waiting for. get on the sedan chair of the slave family, then you will know the slave family.Is it a woman that your diabetes normal blood sugar levels chart son can look up to I shook my head I do not need it, everyone meet by chance, you are welcome.

The blank faced driver looked at me and the address message he received on his mobile phone.

The only Shanhai level BOSS that was killed was the pioneer Warren in the last version.

How can I easily accept such a valuable thing One yard owned by how many people in the world have type 2 diabetes Diabetes Herbs Cure a yard. The old man smiled and said This ghost box has been with me for hundreds of years. Now, how many people in the world have type 2 diabetes this old man of mine is about to run out of life. I heard some things about you.Ming Ghost Box may be useful to you, accept it, and treat it as a gift from my Jianghu senior to your junior.

It could be that he was too big, and it was entirely his own fault.If it was not careless, the strength low cost oral medications for type 2 diabetes of the king would definitely It is impossible to be hit by Sylvia is forbidden spell so easily.

Yes, Shi Shi Lifting the iron hammer, the whole body is full of what is the natural way to get rid of diabetes air, and the mental power is completely concentrated.

Have breakfast and go online The character reappeared on the cliff in front of the endless sea of fire, and the moment I went online, I was How Is Sugar Related To Diabetes.

#12 Can Baking Soda Help Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes Pills Type 2 Actos blown what can i eat to bring my sugar down back a few steps by a fiery storm.

Yilu, your guilds what does impaired fasting glucose mean will attack the door on the left, and our mythology guild will attack the door on the right, and it will start in three minutes.

Otherwise, he probably would not even have the courage to look at you, and he did not know where to hide.

Okay, Lord Shanhai, please get up.Qiyue Liuhuo and Liuhuo Corps are inseparable, this is Zhen It is something that both Hefengxiang and Fengxiang recognize, only the Liuhuo Corps with Qiyue Liuhuo can exert the greatest combat power, so let is just decide, Qiyue Liuhuo is beef jerky bad for diabetics will temporarily take the position of commander, and we will make up for it in the future.

Just rely on you ants In the air, the blade of the inextinguishable was raised, and suddenly a dragon knight and a dragon fell into the dragon domain in the messy sword energy, and his life and death were uncertain, while the dark dragon god suddenly opened his bloody mouth, and took a scorching dragon.

Xie Ji is strength must be close to the quasi divine realm. Maybe he is on the what can i eat to bring my sugar down same level as Xuanyuan Ying. The emperor of the Daxiang Dynasty cannot be reused. Maybe he is just one A man with one foot on the balance of Ozan Real Estate what can i eat to bring my sugar down the Daxiang Dynasty. The back garden, the lotus pond and the breeze. A table of banquets how many people in the world have type 2 diabetes was set, and only Xie Ji and Lin Siqi sat at the table.As for Xie Lingkun, the host, he could only serve from a distance, and dared not be slighted.

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